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Zeutering vs. Neutering

Zeutering vs. Neutering

Spay and Neutering takes up a huge amount of any rescue's budget.  DESERT PEARL RESCUE NETWORK is no exception.  Although zeutering has been around for quite some time, it is now just starting to be used.  Zeutering is said to be "chemical castration", a procedure much simpler and effective in battling the over-population problem. Most importantly, it is a cheaper alternative to neutering. Those squeamish about the neutering process will still have what appears to be an "intact" male who can no longer reproduce.  Incidentally, vasectomies have been available for canine patients, but has been cost prohibitive.

The process involved injecting Zeuterin (Zinc Gluconate), an FDA approved procedure into the center of each testicle.  The manufacturer indicates that the dog can remain awake during the procedure making it a much safe alternative to neutering.  The chemical castration is immediate, and unlike neutering, has no recovery time.  The dog is immediately sterile.  A small line is tattooed on to the testicle to indicate that zeutering has been done.

Excited about the process, we have discussed the matter with several veterinarians who work with us to help keep our animals happy and healthy.  Most seem to have the same consensus, wanting to stay with neutering.  Here's why.

1) Most veterinarians are saying that the procedure is more painful that is indicated and all would require anesthesia to perform the procedure which would increase the cost.

2)  Zeutering has no hormonal changes which can create both medical and behavioral issue.

Once a dog has been neutered, he will experience a drop in testosterone over the course of the next four months.  This decreased hormone level can have many benefits to the neutered male.  Many trainers will require a dog showing any aggression to be immediately neutered.  In 60% of these cases, the aggression problem vanishes when the dog's testosterone level drops.

A Zeutered dog has the same drives as an intact male.  While a neutered dog pays little attention to a female in heat somewhere in his neighborhood, the same does not hold true with the zeutered  dog.  His drive to procreate remains unchanged after zeutering.  The drive to reproduce can be so strong that his emotions can overcome all training.  He can achieve major feats of strength, jumping what was once considered a safe fence in his attempt to reach the female.  Frustration sets in if he cannot reach his intended goal.  Aggression may also be seen as his testosterone increases as a result of sensing a female in heat.  In our opinion, it is kinder to the dog to remain with neutering to alleviate these problems.

Testicular cancer is a big problem for intact males.  While neutering eliminates this problem, zeutering does not.

Here at DESERT PEARL RESCUE NETWORK, we want to rescue and find the best possible homes for pets in danger.  While it sounds good, we'll be staying with neutering our animals.  Overall, we feel neutering is the best way to go for the sake of the dog.

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