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Acupuncture for Pets. Is it a miracle cure?

Acupuncture for Pets

Is it the Miracle Cure?

When it comes to skeletal degradation, Western medicine can do little to help.  Surgeries to correct the problem are so extensive that the animal is given little hope of surviving surgery.  Expensive and sometimes harmful pain medications may help, but euthanasia is usually recommended to relieve the animal's pain.

Sera, a fifteen year old shepherd mixed breed dog had spinal arthritis so severe that she could barely walk with her back hunched to try to relieve her own pain.

Libby, a ten year old lab, her vertebrae fusing (C1-5) was placed on major pain killers, steroids and, muscle relaxers and euthanasia was recommended.

Sadie, an 11 year old lab grabbed a ball while running, fell and could no longer walk.

K.C., the 16 year old cat could no longer stand, relieve herself, or even lie up to eat
without being held in place.  She was also placed on dangerous pain medication with little effect.

All of these animals have one thing in common.  They all survived their ordeal and returned to having a high quality of life.   In addition, all of them were eventually removed from the expensive and potentially dangerous pain medications.

Despite the differences in the conditions, they were all treated with acupuncture and every one had MIRACULOUS RESULTS!

Here at DESERT PEARL RESCUE NETWORK, we tend to start with Western Medicine, then supplement or change to Eastern Medicine depending on the medical condition and treatment plans.  

K.C., our most recent acupuncture patient (you can read her story at
has received a miraculous cure.  Once paralyzed, unable to do anything but lie on her side, too weak to eat or relieve herself, K.C. now walks, runs and even jumps on the furniture by herself.  It would take a few weeks before she could walk without assistance, but after her first treatment, she could lie up and was starting to move her legs by herself.  As we have seen so many times in the past, Acupuncture can be a MIRACLE cure.  It seems almost impossible that simply placing tiny needles at appropriate points in the body can have this effect, but it works.  We have never been disappointed with the results. 

While K.C. has been our first feline acupuncture patient (who also receives reiki treatments), we have tried the same treatment on several large dogs and all have had similar results.  Western Medicine could only supply pain management and that was about it.  Euthanasia was recommended in many cases which we declined to do.  In each and every case treated with acupuncture, the dogs not only improved, but no longer needed expensive pain medication and reached full mobility.  We have tried acupuncture for neurological problems with minimal success, and have not found it helpful when trying to treat cancer.

Many people don't understand how the process works and our intent here is to relieve some fears.
Treatments generally take 20-30 minutes.  When acupuncture first begins, the pet receives treatments each week.  The process is not painful as the tiny needles are placed in specific areas and can become quality time you have together while the treatment is underway.  

You can often see a noticeable difference after the first treatment, but as the days go by, the pet seems to weaken a bit.  After each treatment, the pet grows stronger and remains stronger.  As time continues, less treatments are needed.  K.C.'s recovery has been going so well that she now receives only one treatment per month.  K.C. will have acupuncture for the rest of her life, but she will reach the point where a treatment needed to keep her spine strong will only be needed every few months.  In addition to the skeletal changes, K.C. doesn't look like an old cat anymore.  As she gains strength, her muscles continue to build.  Without pain, her appetite has returned to what it was in her youth.  In addition, she receives absolutely NO medication of any kind.  

While, at first, the cost may seem quite high with treatments ranging from $60-100, once the pet stabilizes and fewer treatments are needed, the cost drops tremendously.  In all cases that were treated using acupuncture, no one needed high priced pain medication.  Nor do they need to undergo constant blood work to make certain pain medications are not causing internal damage.  That savings alone far outweighed the cost of acupuncture treatments.  But, most importantly, everyone has gone on to live normal, happy, pain free lives.

Fortunately, many veterinarians are beginning to see the advantages of alternative therapies.  Acupuncture treatments for pets is becoming more popular as others have experienced similar miracles to what we have seen.

So many people have come to us wanting help with ideas of what they can do to help their older pets, many of whom are having difficulty walking from arthritic issues.  While we always recommend trying only a couple of acupuncture treatments, many are afraid to try.

Don't be!!!!  Acupuncture can return quality of life for your pet.  It won't break your budget and you could very likely have many years of happy times with your pet.!

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