Thursday, February 19, 2015


Barnard with Cataracts
Rescued from a high kill shelter just hours before his euthanasia, no one realized the medical issues Barnard would be facing.  Although everyone could see his cloudy lenses, it wasn't until he arrived at his forever home that it was discovered that this two year old Dandy Dinmont could no longer see.

A trip to his new vet would confirm the seriousness of his condition being diagnosed with juvenile cataracts.

Hope was available with a good chance of returning the little dog's vision, but the procedure was delicate, specialized, and expensive. His cloudy lenses could be removed and replaced with acrylic substitutes. It would also require extensive,time consuming pre-operative and post-operative care. Before surgery could take place,several test needed to be performed and  a series of several types of eye drops would have to be placed in each eye at precise times (including the middle of the night.)

Post surgery would be even more difficult. Eye drops would have to be continued at the same grueling pace, made more difficult now that Barnard could see them coming. It was essential that he be kept quiet and would have to wear an Elizabethan collar starting a few days before surgery. While Barnard would be able to see immediately after surgery, he was looking at a minimum three weeks of recovery. Any scratching or rubbing of the eye, running or jumping could severely jeopardize surgical repair.

More bad news came during the testing stage when it was found that one of the little dog's retinas had begun to detach, likely due to the pressure from his thickening lens. That too, could be repaired using lasers and would add not only to the cost, but to the recuperation period as well. Despite all of these issues, his family opted to help the little dog regain his sight.
Recovering from surgery

Barnard's people were also concerned with his emotional health. He had not been in the family long enough to have completely adjusted. Bounced around from the shelter to a foster, to his forever home, then to find himself sitting alone in a cage could be too much for the little dog to accept. ANIMAL VOICINGS was called in to help. Through animal communication, they could let Barnard know what was going to happen. They were able to determine the degree of his blindness as he returned images of only being able to see dark grey with slight shadows barely noticeable. During surgery and recovery, ANIMAL VOICINGS constantly checked in with Barnard relaying their findings to his people. They detected a severe headache which was attributed to the anesthesia. Barnard was overwhelmed when he opened his eyes to see for the first time. He talked about colors, not as we see them, but earth-tones, sepia images. He suffered from nausea and more headaches as his brain re-adjusted to accepting and sending images of what he could now see.

Initial post-surgical examination showed that a corneal ulcer had developed, a situation of concern, but one that could be treated. Reiki treatments were added to Barnard's treatment plan to support his veterinary care and promote healing. While the initial recovery period was expected to last three weeks, the corneal ulcer was gone and his eyes had completely healed in only fifteen days.

All healed and LOOK AT BARNARD NOW!!!

Barnard now has full run of the house, interacts with the other dogs and enjoy running around the house, going up and down stairs, things that he had not been allowed to do because of his vision problems. Dandy Dinmonts are known to be tough, feisty, little dogs and with his eyes now working, he lives up to breed standards.

As far as his people are concerned, they have said, “What better thing to do with the money than to give our little boy a chance to see again.” Yet, they find that they have given themselves a profound gift as well, delighting in watching Barnard run through the house, bark at dogs he sees during his daily walks and feel his enjoyment of life. There is one down side, however. Now that he can see the cookies in their hands, he'll try to take their fingers off to get it. Fortunately, they found an easy solution, tossing it to him instead.

Barnard has received the greatest gift of all.  Not only can he see, but his path has changed from sadness and fear to glory and happiness.   Our greatest compliments to Barnard's new people for not only giving him his sight back, but a new lease on life as well!!!! 

If you would like to learn more about the services ANIMAL VOICINGS provides, visit their website at:  All proceeds are donated to animal rescue.

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